Wednesday, July 23, 2008


it's about 10:30 pm, which is, without conscious effort, becoming my bedtime. but i wanted to add a quick update about our day.

i am once again doing the single handed typing. pretty soon i should be picking up some speed at doing this! sam cried probably three times today. in the morning when aaron got up for work -- i'm guessing gas bubble. one time in the afternoon because he was hungry. and again this evening, i think first because he was working on a giant poo and then again because he was hungry once he got it out. the truth is, though, that those might not be the reasons at all. i still feel very unsure about this stuff.

we are continuing successfully w/breastfeeding, though sam has quite the blister on his upper lip! he does sometimes cough while nursing, and i did notice once that when i took him off the breast when he seemed unhappy that my milk did spray. not sure if this is an overactive milk ejection irritating him or not. i certainly am not convinced that this is the case. i think maybe it was a gas bubble. but he seems to always go back for more no matter what it seems like his face is telling me. friday we have our two-week doc appointment, so i will ask the pediatrician about these things. but breastfeeding no longer hurts, though sometimes my nipples still feel sore or tender afterwards, and sometimes he gets a funny latch that hurts. mostly though my current breast feeding concern is not my comfort, but his. every few feedings he acts like it is uncomfortable to feed, yet he wants to keep eating. it's confusing. again, i'll ask the doc about it on friday. my extensive googling has not found a conclusive answer, heh heh.

but other than that, today has been a good and quiet day! i continue to feel a little better, unless i spend too much time on my feet. haven't been able to do too many house chores, but i have been able to stay on top of the laundry, so i guess that's something.

the exciting news for the day was the company! our friend sara drove down from chicago to meet little sam!! it was the first time she held a baby! luckily sam was in a nice and easy mood and i think he was a good introduction to babyness. then our friend nate came by with some delicious dinner from him and his wife doreen. thanks guys! it was terrific!! and we should get a couple of meals out of it...yummmm. nate was fun to see with sam too, since he's an experienced papa with two daughters of his own. he handles the little baby with such ease and offered some tips on calming and burping our little guy, so thanks nate! and we even had one more visit from esteban! thanks so much for coming by you guys!!

tomorrow aaron starts working full days -- he's been doing half days this week. should be ok, though i'm a little worried. next week his brother mike & family will come for a visit. aaron will take those days off so that will help, and that should be a nice visit. sam will get to meet some of his cousins!

my latest worry has gone back to thinking about work. what if i start working full time. how will we manage care of our little sam? i really don't want to do daycare. if we have to, though, we should start looking for places NOW. but i don't really think we have to yet, so i don't want to start searching yet. sigh. i hope it all works out.


nienien said...

sam is just adorable!! i'm still in Indy and i should be back this weekend (probably with a car?).

i have to give you a ring to see when is good to visit you and sam. I have baby fever, sam is just too cute!! looking like his mama!!

i hope you'll feel better soon! but with this beautiful joy, i am sure you enjoy it everyday! :)

miss you and love always!

First Time Mom said...

reading your posts makes me cry. I love hearing new mom travails. Keep posting! As for the overactive let down, you are good to doubt that you have it but if you do, remember its not always permanent. And can be remedied by certain nursing positions. I think i will email you...
cousin R