Saturday, July 26, 2008

Holy Belly Button, Batman!

Guess who lost his umbilical cord stump? That's right! Our Sam! And his belly button is just as cute as every other bit of him. I was feeding him, had him against my chest to burp him, put him down on the bed and then I saw this brown crusty thing on the bed. I thought it was a beetle! Picked it up and realized it was his umbilical cord!

Not much other news to report today. Well Aaron did get stung by a wasp, so that sucks! And he did make me a yummy brunch of spinach cream cheese omelet, fruit, and hash browns. Yumm.

Breastfeeding continues on. Since my last post I have been patient for a great big wide-open mouth in order to get a good latch and it makes ALL the difference in the world. I have been feebly watching the clock to try to get Sam to a little bit more of a schedule, but part of me feels it's a little silly. I mean, when my son needs to eat I'm not going to deny him. We'll see how it goes. He has gone 3 hours between feedings today, except he just had a little snack an hour after his last feeding. We are gonna go ahead and get the breastpump soon and I'll experiment with that. I feel confidently that even with all the breastfeeding struggles, the bottles will bring along their own set of hassles. But I know Aaron would like to participate in the feeding and I know I have to move to bottles eventually, though it might not be for a few months or more. Anyway it's such a weird topic because it seems people feel SO strongly about issues of breastfeeding. I feel like a bad mom if I want to do something other than breastfeed my child (at the breast) whenever he wants for as long as he wants. Hmmm. But then the nurse practitioner can make me feel foolish for not trying to get him to a schedule! Augh. I gotta stop paying attention to everyone's thoughts and just see what works for us. Easier said than done. And I still want to hear your thoughts so go ahead and comment your opinions on breastfeeding :)

Oh! And I'm healing really well! I even had the energy and stamina to clean the bathroom, sweep, do the dishes, and laundry!! I really think I'm on the mend!

Here are some more super cute pictures of our beautiful little boy!


carol said...

Sam sure is cute, not that I'm prejudiced or anything. I do tend to have beautiful grandchildren.

Don't feel guilty about anything, Sam is obviously well cared for and loved a lot.

Amy E. said...

He looks like he's just taking it all in, observing everything.

And you totally have the right attitude. Breastfeeding isn't easy. Neither is bottle feeding. You should do what's best for you and your new family.

I can say Medela pumps seem to be the best and when you heat bottles of breastmilk, it should be in a warm pan of water or under a warm tap, not in the microwave. The microwave tends to denature the good proteins the baby would normally get from breast milk. So there's my two cents :)

AnneJ said...

He's really smiling. He is so darn cute!

juan said...

duuuude, you look so good on those pics! reinventing yourself everyday, like maddona.
I'll be seeing you soon!!!!!!