Saturday, July 5, 2008

due date +3

I have little to report, but figured I should let you know that I am still pregnant. A lot of contractions yesterday, but nothing real to speak of.

The holiday was nice. I got some work done, Aaron's mom, Aaron, and I went for ice cream and a nice walk through campus. Then my family came over and we had food and fire pit in the backyard and watched the fireworks from the front lawn.

Today Meg, Sarah, and Dad leave. They are going to breakfast now and will stop by for a bit and probably hit the road shortly thereafter, at least that's what it sounds like the plans are.

Seems my routine these days is to wake up feeling pretty good, then realize I am still pregnant and labor seems as far away as ever, and then feel down. With family returning to their home states today and Monday, I sort of feel a lack of climax. We all knew that there was no guarantee the baby would arrive but we all also hoped and partly felt it would. I am not that far past the due date, and as the days tick on, the odds that today is the day get more and more likely, so I guess that's sort of neat. It, however, feels the opposite. As though since it hasn't happened yet, it simply isn't going to happen. But as they always say, "I've never seen a baby stay in there yet!" har har har.

Here are some pics my dad took:

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