Wednesday, July 30, 2008

an awesome dad

hey all. thanks for your emails and comments! i will likely have more self-reflecting (and perhaps self-centered or even self-indulging) wallowing to share with you in the very near future (i really am surprised how much it makes me feel better to just get the thoughts out of my head!!). but real quickly i wanted to publicly acknowledge (props, if you will) to my terrific husband and amazing father.

my previous post was a bit centered on my confusion as a new mom and probably made it sound like i was all alone in this. well, to be honest, i think the self will always feel alone with big stuff like this, but the truth is, i would be far more lost if it weren't for my husband's support. he is always putting us first and eager and willing to take on baby duty to help me get sleep or anything else i might need.

ok, gotta sign off. we have lotsa company for the next couple of days -- aaron's bro and family (three kids, ages 4-12!) are here visiting. will post more when i can.

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Marie the ginger foxxx said...

just reminding you guys that your awesome parents! i figure its one of those things you cant hear enough. have a great time with the fam and i will see you guys soon!

way to raise babies!! yea!!