Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tonight's the ni-ight

Well here it is my due date. I did not wake in labor. I am still half-heartedly sticking by my guess of TOMORROW as the big day, but the other half of my heart thinks I've got another week being pregnant. I guess it's all OK. Tonight is the New Moon, we'll see if that really has an effect or not. Tomorrow I think the Moon is opposite my Sun.

We are having a nice time in Lafayette visiting with Aaron's mom. We took her to Kokoro last night and that was as yummy as ever. Kokoro is about the only restaurant in Lafayette with something of a reputation due to its character of a chef, Tony. He and his restaurant are both loved and hated, but Aaron and I subscribe to the former. He makes lots of yummy custom sushi rolls that feature lotsa veggies and cooked fish that work out just so well for the pregnant set. And he has the most amazing gyoza. mmmmm. Then we took a walk around Lafayette, hit Target for some groceries, and watched half of To Kill a Thief. Hey, we were tired.

I got up early this morning because I couldn't sleep, but now I'm tired already. I had a few nice strong contractions, but it seems true labor still escapes me.

I'm feeling down today again because I just found out that lousy Purdue did NOT accept the proposed new parental leave policy, which means all Aaron will get is the inadequate FMLA which gives him the option of a few UNPAID weeks off. And he has to FIRST use his vacation and sick time during that time. Sigh. Don't you love America?

Here is a picture of my big ol' belly near the end of this wild adventure. It was taken a couple of days ago... Sometimes it looks like I could just pop the thing off my torso like one of those fake pregnant bellies they wear on TV!

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