Friday, August 1, 2008


The Texas Nemecs took off this morning after a nice visit. Our house was full with this family of five, but it wasn't nearly as overwhelming as I thought it would be. Esperanza and Aaron took care of everything around the house, so all I had to do was take care of Sam. And Sam really seemed to like to have the hustle and bustle around him. Both days Aaron took the family to see the Lafayette sites so I could get a little nap time at home. It was nice.

Not much else to talk about. Finally bought the breast pump -- the Medela Pump in Style. Seems to be the standard for women who frequently pump. Haven't tried it out yet. I still find myself obsessing over feeding. When I'm tired I get a little neurotic and decide Sam and I have some sort of problem or another. I read this list of cues your baby is giving you when he eats. I then decided instead of an overactive milk ejection (or whatever it's called) I might have low-flow problems. Also, Sam was insatiable it seemed, so I was convinced I didn't have enough milk. Oh the paranoia. I have this Milkmaid tea that is supposed to help produce more milk, though, and it really works. I drank it once shortly after my milk came in and got really engorged. I've been drinking it today and have remained full but not painfully so. Anyway, I think it wasn't even an issue but I like the tea and it makes me feel like I have enough milk and maybe even milk to start pumping, so that's good. The thing is, breast milk is supply and demand so I shouldn't worry. If he goes through a growth spurt and demands more milk, it is true my body might not exactly have it when he wants it, but then in a day or two my body will start to produce more to satisfy the new demand. This is how nature made it, so it can't be harmful to the little one. Anyway, to put it all plainly, issues of feeding the little one are still at the forefront of my mind.

Here are some more pictures from the Nemec visits.

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