Sunday, August 10, 2008


No more house-boundness for us! Saturday, as a family (including Sam's mentor, Juan), we went to a goodbye party for our friend Barb who is moving to NY. We stayed for a whole hour and Sam was a perfect angel. Then, at the SPUR OF THE MOMENT, we decided to go to our friends Tain & Ingrid's to watch a movie. Another easy peasy trip with the little one. He did fuss slightly when it got time to eat, but that wasn't much to complain about.

All that perfect behavior led to a slightly fussy night, but really he wasn't difficult, just had trouble sleeping. So I only got about four hours of sleep in two separate chunks before morning came and our friends Esteban & Stephanie invited us to breakfast. They served us lotsa yummy Mexican baked goods, Stephanie even got me decaf coffee!, and we had yummy fruit and yogurt and even some horchata. Yumm. We stayed for a while, including a nice walk in the park (featuring the Maya wrap, once more), a couple of diaper changes, and another nursing session outside the home. Since Sam and I primarily pros at lying down nursing, I like to have a private room that I can feed him in, though we are working on our cradle position nursing (sometimes Sam struggles with this a bit.)

The feeding stuff has pretty much sorted itself out. We still sometimes struggle. I've been taking that Milkmaid tea and sometimes get a little engorged and so then Sam has trouble latching. This is usually at night when it's dark and hard to see and I'm tired, so sometimes I get a little nipple trauma, and he gets a little frustrated because the milk comes too fast at first and then too slow later, but we make it work. I'm FINALLY doing well at not stressing over all these little bits and pieces. He latches on different at different times and he eats more some days than other days. But you know what? He's happy. And he's growing. And he's getting fatter all the time. And he's filling plenty of diapers. I will start to freak out about feeding if there is a change in the status quo.

In other super exciting news: Here comes head control!! We can see it looming in the horizon. Yeah, it will take a while, but he's making some definite strides. And even more exciting are his eyes. This morning Aaron and I were lying in bed on either side of the little one and he was turning his head side to side saying good morning. He also will look to toys if they are moved one side to another, he does the OCCASIONAL smile when looking in your eyes, but he's definitely really starting to take the world in through those peepers. He also plays "crunchy chicken" with his dad, a game involving a small wooden rattle-like bird-shaped toy with different textured "feathers", some of which are crinkly and make crunchy noises. Sam actually has repeatedly reached for it making the crunchy noise. It's so fun to watch him grow and develop!

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