Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He's Huge!

Check out those cheeks!

Sam went to his one-month appointment yesterday and received a "perfect" rating from his doc. He does have a "hydroseal" or something like that in one of his testicles, but I guess it's pretty normal and should fix itself, most likely. We got some tips on using the nasal aspirator and we need to get him a vitamin D supplement (which seems weird that babies need supplements to the "liquid gold" breastmilk). But the big news is how BIG he is! I had been anxious for the weigh-in, and our boy is now 11 lbs!! Doc said that was like the 80th percentile or something, ha ha (google searches gave more like 50-60 percentile, but who knows). Anyway, the percentiles don't mean much, but it does confirm that this little boy is growing pretty fast! He's also long, 22 3/4 inches, doc said the 88th percentile. He's already outgrown some clothing!

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carol said...

He's beautiful! And he is big! That shows he's getting all he needs...physical and emotional. He's thriving! Love you all!