Thursday, August 7, 2008

One Month!

I can't believe it's already been one month since Samuel was born. Pretty unreal. The time moves so fast. The birth that I spent so long anticipating is becoming a distant memory, though I still have a few aches and stinging pains to remind me of the physical act. Let me say a quick word about my body post-pregnancy. The happiest I have ever been with my body was after giving birth. I had such strange affection for the soft round tummy that remained. I was almost sad to watch it shrink away. I would never have guessed I would feel that way. Though I still have a belly left, I have always had a bit of a belly, and its current form is becoming more and more like how it was before. Yet my belly button still looks different, and my linea negra remains. I am still a couple of pant sizes larger than I used to be, and I used to always think of myself as fat. Your body image changes a lot during pregnancy. I'm trying to be patient with the weight loss, after all, right now I hardly get any physical activity apart from holding my ever-growing little one and breastfeeding. And I'm so famished I eat almost as often as Sam does! I never did get any stretch marks. Dunno if it was because of the Cocoa/Shea butter lotion, stretchy skin, the fact I already had some tummy chub to begin with or what.

Yesterday I got to see my friend Juan and he met Sam for the first time! He has been home in Colombia for the summer so it was great to get to see him. He and Aaron made hashbrowns and pancakes for dinner, and we even took a walk in the park after! It was a short walk, though, as Sam reminded me it was eating time, though I think he would have been ok walking a bit longer. We even took another walk in the park today using the Maya Wrap. I'm glad I got that wrap.
Aaron and I are even probably gonna walk over to Diary Queen tonight. Yumm.

In other news, Sam and I have had a good day today. He has slept a lot, so I think tonight might be a bit rough. I feel really sleepy, even though I feel like I've had a lot of sleep. Anyway, I'm doing a great job of my new goal: Keeping my temper in check. It's not that I feel like I can't show my frustration to Sam, but I can totally tell now that he picks up on it and it makes it 10 times harder for him to calm down. If I remain calm, he calms down. Pretty obvious stuff, but it still is hard to acknowledge and keep control of.

Tomorrow we go to Aaron's office for a congratulations/farewell thing at his work. Then we are gonna stop by my old job to say hello. Dunno if anyone will be there. A couple of people are leaving the Archives so the staff is dwindling, plus the student summer staff might not be around either. Ah well, I'll see my friend Stephanie and my boss at any rate!

Here are some Sam taking a bath photos! Clearly he isn't sure what to think. Check out that little pointy elf ear!

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