Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ingrid!

Last night Sam has his first trip to a restaurant when we went to the Indian restaurant we always go to. It went pretty well. He was a little fussy and I had to do a diaper change on a shelf in the ladies room that was a little scary, but I held him in place the whole time and it went just fine.
Today was a little tough. We had a big thunderstorm. I used to love thunderstorms. Now they stress me out. Clyde whines and barks and runs around the whole time. It's really stressful. And to add to that, Sam was crying a ton. It was a rough morning. Finally Sam and I fell asleep and had a looong nap together. We woke up to a sticky humid Indiana day and felt pretty weird. But as the evening progressed, Aaron came home and we made some salsas to bring to Ingrid's birthday party. Happy Birthday Ingrid!! We made her this pretty wacky floor pillow (which I forgot to take photos of!!). Here are some pics of the night.

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Barb said...

Fun! Happy Birthday to Ingrid!!