Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I stayed up late (for me these days that means past midnight) working on my paper, battling with MS word and their silly auto formatting stuff. I consequently slept in late to awake to a beautiful sunny morning with the birds singing outside and all of that. When I took the dogs out I heard a woodpecker but couldn't spot it in the trees.

Basically the rest of the week will be consumed with finishing the paper and exhibition. I can't imagine how next week will feel to actually go through all of the big events I've been working for over the past three years. In some ways it seems very anticlimactic, but we'll see.

The pregnancy stuff continues on! I feel bigger everyday, and I can feel him in new parts of my belly so that's always funny. I'll feel something closer and closer to my ribs and think -- that can't be him!! But it must be. Unless my other organs have learned to kick me too.

A note on sleep: I am a good sleeper. It's one of my skills. So far this pregnancy I wake up on average once per night to use the bathroom. From what I read about other pregnant women, I sure feel fortunate about that! I am by nature a tummy sleeper though, so converting to side sleeping has been a challenge. But since I can usually fall asleep nearly anywhere at anytime, I have managed to make the transition fairly easily (it now takes me maybe 10 minutes to fall asleep instead of 5) and I usually simply flip sides once or twice through the night. I have discovered that I will get hip pain, however, if I do not separate my knees with a pillow, and last night I seemed to get pain even though I was pretty darn sure I was using my pillow!! So that is frustrating. I folded the pillow over though to get twice as much pillow goodness and that seemed to help.

Other than that, things remain consistent! I guess I'm 25 weeks and 4 days today...the third trimester is quickly approaching. It's hard for me to imagine that I will meet my little one in as little as twelve weeks, and not much more than 15. That's not much time!

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