Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introducing: Cold Weather Sam!

This post is really just an excuse to show off Sam in his cute little hooded sweater!!

Not much news. Sam has been a little constipated and fussy today, but really he's fine. His sleeping has resumed to normal night time sleeping, and I guess he's over his growth spurt, because he's not eating nearly so frequently, nor spitting up so much. In fact, yesterday he went 7 hours between feedings! He ate at 7 pm, and not again until 2:30 am. Sam is learning to tell us when he's ready for bed, but Mom & Dad are sometimes slow on the uptake. Around 10:00 I expected Sam to have his before bed feeding but he wouldn't eat. He was screaming and screaming. Aaron came in and said, maybe he wants to go to bed?? So I changed him into some pajamas, gave him his vitamin, put him in his crib with his pacifier and he calmed right down. I think Sam is the one teaching us, not the other way around.

I am a little paranoid. A week or so ago when cleaning Sam's little butt after a big poo, I felt a lump under the skin near his anus. I have been keeping an eye out and it seems like maybe it's bigger? The skin there now is a little red so it's visible to the eye now. Should I take him to the doc? I think it's nothing. I think it is normal rectal muscle and I have now irritated the skin by poking at it. But I think I might take him in anyway. Lumps are scary.


Amy E. said...

Never hurts to ask. I think he has your eyes. And that is the cutest hoodie sweater thing ever!

orangek8 said...

LOOK at him!!!!!!! He is SO great.

AnneJ said...

Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! Bundle o' Baby.

Don't worry Liz -- call in to his pediatrician. They are experts at this and can help you decide if you should take Sam in. 99.9 chance it's irritation of the muscles/skin. Your description of the reddish-ness suggests that.

First Time Mom said...

don't worry about the lump, do call the pediatrician and ask a nurse. Babies get hemorroids, too.