Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You weigh 16 pounds, what do you get?


Sam went to the doctor today to get the butt lump checked out. Doc says she doesn't know what it is. Great. Well she also said that it probably isn't anything to worry about unless it starts to grow or change. Her best guess was maybe a hemangioma. She's gonna call a specialist to get some more info on possibilities and she'll let us know if there is anything else we should do.

The big boy weighed in at 16 lbs today, and this Thursday he will be 12 weeks old. He's still drooling a lot, and his hands are almost always in his mouth (this leads to dry red cheeks combined with the cooling weather) and his bowel movements have slowed to about one giant poo a day. He is starting to hint that he might try rolling. He rolled over twice when propped on a pillow (think he was a little off balance so that helped) and now he's starting to roll to his side when on his back. He used to do this all the time during his first couple of weeks, but he stopped doing that so it seems new again. He's still not really grabbing things yet, but if we put them in his hand he has a great grip and he likes to bring things in his hand to his mouth.

Oh and he's not yet routinely sleeping through the night. He gave us a couple of nights of 6-8 hours without waking (wow!) but then he was back to every three or four. Last night was every three. To be honest, I don't really mind waking that frequently to feed him. We both get back to sleep pretty easily. But once he sleeps through the night we'll move him into his room and we're pretty excited to set that up. Of course I think I might miss having him there with us, ha ha. I realized yesterday that sometimes I miss him when he's taking a nap or something, heh heh. I like to hold my little guy.

These pics are Sam in his "Boo!!" pajamas that Aunt Meg got him. We dressed him in his Halloween gear to go over to Meg's to watch a scary movie the other night. We are trying to watch a scary movie every day this month, and I think a group of us are even going to try to make a Halloween movie to celebrate. Should be fun. I wonder how all of the horror movies are impacting my son?? Hmmm....

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Amy E. said...

He looks like he's giving quite the speech in that first pic!