Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Guy

Sam is trying out his Bumbo seat! He likes it, but like anything, tires of it fairly quickly. Still he's getting stronger all the time and it's so neat to see him gain more stability.

He also likes to do tummy time on the Boppy-style pillow my friend Ingrid gave us. He will hang out for several minutes at a time watching cartoons on the tv. Here I am trying to get him into Dot and the Kangaroo -- one of my childhood favorites. We didn't make it through the credits.

Last night Sam couldn't sleep. Didn't fall asleep until late and was up every couple of hours. He spent the whole night in bed with Mom and Dad. Hopefully this is not the beginning of a new habit. (Mom secretly likes sharing the bed with the little guy, but she doesn't sleep as well and would rather keep the good crib habits going...)

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AnneJ said...

Both Charlie and Alice slept with me (us) too, but they predominantly used the crib. I really loved them sleeping with me, esp. with breast feeding. But, it does ruin *your* sleep, I think. I was always waking up, if not to breast feed, then to see where they were!

There are always pros and cons aren't there? I think it's fine to do anything you want. Then again--for me, within reason. My friend, Donna, was still sharing her bed with her 6 year old daughter (her youngest of 3) last time I checked. Yikes!