Friday, May 30, 2008

lamaze and i think i dropped my baby...

Last night we had our first lamaze class! Aaron was still sick but feeling well enough to come along and I'm so glad he was there. I didn't count how many couples were there -- maybe about 10? We have the earliest due date of the bunch, though there was one other couple due less than a week after us. Our instructor is a little flaky but alright, and I think the class will be fun even if it is a little awkward. Haven't done many breathing exercises yet, basically she just gave an intro into signs for labor and all that jazz. And guess what?? I am not huge after all!! I think my belly compared nicely with the other pregnant ladies and I should be more "advanced" than the rest of the bunch anyway. Hopefully I can hang on to this confidence! We will meet weekly for four more sessions. Should get the hospital tour during my 37th week so I should get to see the birthing suites before I actually am using one -- I hope!

Other big news -- I *THINK* that the little boy has dropped! For those of you reading this who don't know about pregnancy, that is one of the preparations for birth where the baby moves down lower into your pelvis, getting ready for the big day. I can take deep breaths now and I've been having these ligament pains and twinges deep in my pelvis. I can't tell for sure if my shape has changed (usually you can see it) so I'm not entirely convinced that he's dropped, but I think it seems likely. Today I do have more pressure in my pelvis, but seems that stuff sometimes changes day to day anyway. Still, I think it's a definite possibility and I am pretty excited. That means he is gonna be ready to arrive soon! I read that usually the baby arrives within four weeks of dropping (aka lightening) but it can definitely be more or less. Maybe the little guy will be a June baby after all. We'll just have to see! Next doctor appt. is June 3rd, she'll check my cervix then to see how things are progressing. Then we start meeting every week. I guess this is going to happen after all! So exciting! I need more exclamation points!

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