Monday, May 5, 2008

doc update - 32 weeks

Again, I am jumping the gun because I am not 32 weeks until Wednesday, but I had my next doctor's appointment today so I wanted to give the lowdown. Everything is still right on track. Numbers are right on the norm -- 31 cm for my belly (doc said that usually your measurements pretty much correspond with the week you're at -- pretty interesting!), 130 bpm for the little guy's heart rate (within the healthy range -- it's a pretty big range), my blood pressure was good, and I even lost a pound after all that walking with the parade and Chicago trip. Things are going well! The little guy has been bopping around a lot lately and he even did a few gymnastics during the appointment.

I can't believe it would be perfectly ok to meet him face to face in as little as five weeks and two days. I'm anticipating he'll show up between the 2nd (due date) and 9th. Everything about this pregnancy has been right on the average so far, so I assume the birth date will be too. Actually, I sort of think he'll be an independence day baby so I better check to see if my doctor has any out-of-town 4th of July plans. Both Aaron & I really like our doc so I sure hope she's available on the big day! Maybe I can send the baby psychic messages to convince him to keep the labor during the working day. Sigh.

Other than that, not a lot of news. Work is ok, the job posting will be going through my department this week, and then it's on to some other department, so it will be a while until I know anything more there. I have an art show thing coming up this Friday and will probably be in the local paper for it too, heh heh. Then this weekend we're finally making the big drive to Cleveland to visit Aaron's grandma. It's been hard to find the time to do that, she's been lonely, and we won't be able to visit for a while after this, so it seems like the right thing to do. It's a long drive though, so I'm not looking forward to that. Plus I've had to pee nearly every two hours it seems, so that should add to the fun too, heh heh.

Tonight Juan and Sarah came over for a cookout at our place, and that was fun. We got one of those cheesy metal bowl fire pit things for the backyard and it is actually pretty nice! Our backyard is fun because it has lots of foliage and butterflies and birds and squirrels and rabbits and stuff, so it sometimes seems like a Disney movie. But then there's all the poison ivy...hmm...

Tomorrow is the Indiana primary. I voted early. I'm excited to hear the results!

OHH! And I didn't mention last blog, but Meg has decided to move to Lafayette! She will be living in the super-cute apartment next door. How cool!

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