Monday, May 19, 2008

doc update - 34 weeks

I got a lot of sleep yesterday and this morning since I had been so exhausted from the weekend. When I woke up, I had breakfast, and showered, and after I'd been dressed a while, I started to feel really light headed and faint. I nearly fainted twice!! And therefore decided to take the day off. I basically assigned myself a day of bed rest, as I felt less dizzy when horizontal. I fortunately had my doc's appointment this afternoon anyway, so I was able to ask her about it then. By then I was feeling better, my blood pressure and other stats were normal, and so it is pretty inconclusive and doesn't seem too serious. Hmm.

On to the baby stats!
Things are good with the little one. I gained a bunch of weight over the past two weeks -- four pounds! That can't be good, though the doc didn't mention anything about it. But it's true that if I ignore my last weigh in, I really have only gained three pounds in the past month which is actually very good, so I will try not to stress on it too much. My uterus is measuring 32 cm (short? i dunno doc didn't seem concerned) and baby is HEAD DOWN! His heart beat is 140 too, so all is very good. For the past week or so Aaron and I have been speculating on his position, guessing which kick jab and lump is this or that. Mostly I think we get to see his little rump pushing out here or there.

We are getting anxious for the big day. We have our next doctor's appointment in two weeks, and then we start seeing her weekly. Nearly 34 weeks means we are to term in just three weeks, due in six, and should have a baby in eight weeks or less!

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