Sunday, May 4, 2008

graduation party and baby shower

Just a quick post to say that my two parties this weekend went really well. Thursday Meg took the train down to visit. The train from MI requires a day-long layover in Chicago, and since I have tons of vacation time at work, I took Thursday off to go up and spend the day with her in Chicago. It was a lot of fun! We had a nice long lunch downtown and then wandered around and did a bit of shopping. Boy was my pregnant body tired after a day of walking!

We got back to Lafayette around 10 Thursday night and basically crashed. Then Friday we went to the store to get some baking goods to make treats for the parties. Friday night was the graduation party that my prof. was throwing for me, a fellow grad, and a new prof who just took a position in the new Electronic & Time-Based Media program. It was a good time! Drum kit played, there were wacky winds, and oh yeah, the theme was robots and aliens. I didn't dress up because, well, I'm a wimp and because I feel weird enough with the little alien inside me already, ha ha. To compensate Meg & I made green alien sugar cookies and a wacky robot/alien cake.

Saturday Meg, Aaron, and I went to breakfast with our friends Juan & Sara and then ran some other errands. Around 4 Sarah (sister) and her boyfriend Mike got to town and we went to Ingrid & Tain's for the baby shower. Meg & Ingrid had planned a crafty day with people making patches for a quilt that Ingrid is going to put together. How sweet! We were showered with lotsa love and awesome gifts, so thanks to all of you who were there (both physically and just in spirit)!!

Today Aaron and I have been doing some stuff around the yard. We're trying out planting some veggies in the backyard. We'll see how it goes! I may be bugging some of you for advice once I get into this a little more, ha ha. But we just decided to try a few different things in containers and in the earth and we'll see what (if any) take with my maybe not-so-green thumb.

Here are some pics of the wonderful weekend!

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