Tuesday, April 1, 2008

two hours to go

eeek! so i have nothing to say. nothing. i just am all nervous for my defense which is taking place in less than two hours. all the silly things run through my head...am i dressed appropriately? will i be able to close off the gallery so others don't come in and interrupt the defense? do i need to bring a notebook and pen? my prof sort of indicated that it would just be a few questions and be about 30-60 minutes and that i didn't need to prepare. but really, shouldn't i have prepped SOMETHING? i have one of my drafts of the paper with some Qs from one of the profs on it, so i'm going through those. i guess it can't be too bad. i know he's going to sign my form and i will officially be DONE after this meeting, but it is still scary to think of this awkward 30-60 minutes. but that's not long. H*ll. i'll be going through many hours of awkward and painful birth in the upcoming months, i can deal with some silly art professors.

poor baby hasn't had much attention on this blog. i have been a little pre-occupied. i can tell you yesterday though that some of his movements showed me how big he is getting (of course my belly shows me that daily too). there were some movements yesterday that really indicated that there was another being inside me, one that has his own mind and does his own things. some of the earlier movements were definitely involuntary body movements, but i could still feel somehow attached to them, as if it was part of me. these movements began to express his individuality, ha ha.

keep checking my flickr if you want to see more pics of the show.

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