Monday, April 21, 2008

Doc Update, Week 30

Well, I'm not 30 weeks yet, but we had our doctor's appointment so I thought I'd check in. Once again, all is well and normal! Heartbeat is 143, I'm measuring right on track so there just isn't much to report -- I guess that's a good thing!

Only physical change is that I have been experiencing what I would call morning sickness during this past week, so that's a bummer. It is not like the "real" morning sickness I experienced during the first trimester. This time it's really just in the morning -- I have like three hours of nausea and uneasiness, and then it fades away. I asked the doc about it and she said it may actually be related to acid reflux. Even if I don't have the heartburn/chest pain feeling, taking some Zantac before I go to bed might help. So I might give that a try. I have temporarily switched my schedule to work in the afternoons instead of the morning, since I've been feeling fine then. Ooh, I do get hot quite often now, and the weather is just starting to warm up too, so that makes it a bit worse. And I am starting to experience a little swelling in my hands -- nothing to cause concern yet though.

I guess that's all!

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carol said...

Try drinking more water. I know, that means more time in the bathroom but it washes out your system too. Just a thought. Glad all is well.