Saturday, September 27, 2008

stretch marks?!

So the other day I discovered stretch marks. WTF! How could they show up NOW? Ahh well. They are small and not too noticeable and no one sees my belly anyway, but I feel duped. Anyway, for all of you moms-to-be, even if you think you made it through pregnancy, labor, and delivery sans stretch marks, be warned -- they can still sneak up on you.

I'm trying to exercise more, and some days I succeed and sometimes I don't. But I still eat too much sugar and junk and I think my weight loss has completely plateaued. It occurred to me that I am the fat friend. I don't know if any of you reading this have ever had this feeling -- but I realized that all of my friends are more fit, eat better, and are healthier than I am. Even the other pregnant ladies and new moms I know seem to lose their baby weight more efficiently and are more fit than I am. I have never been comfortable with physical activity. I feel clumsy and awkward. I never did sports growing up. It makes it hard to start a decent exercise routine at 28, but I'll keep trying anyway.

Sam is doing well. Drool is abundant, he just keeps growing and getting heavier, he's eating more so I think he's hitting another growth spurt, and he's learning to reach and grab things. He's super cool.


IME said...

Ugh, bummer about the stretch marks -- that is totally not fair! Have you heard the pregnancy weight loss "rule"? You got nine months to put it on, so you get nine months to take it off. :) I don't think I lost all my pregnancy weight from Molly until she was about six months old. Your body tends to like to hold on to some of it for a while, especially if you're nursing. I gave myself a pass on working out until Molly was sleeping through the night. Of course, she didn't do that until she was over 18 months old ... :D

carol said...

Yea, six months to lose the baby fat is pretty normal. But keep up walking/jogging because it's good for you anyway. Pretty soon it will be winter and not as easy to do. Sorry about the stretch marks, I kinda think they're not an option to most mothers. Think of them as a badge of courage or honor or something. They may still shrink.
Love ya...miss you.

Barb said... i'm the fat friend!

AnneJ said...

Sigh, I know the feeling. I didn't "go at it" after Alice (I was 40!) and I'm still workin' at it. You are not fat, Liz, it's the "having baby" fat. It's your body & genetics at work. Embrace your body, be kind to yourself and focus on what you can do. I would recommend walk, baby, walk. Get a pedometer, strap it on in the a.m. and increase the miles, day by day, week by week. Really try to increase them. You can take Sam. Get a jogging stroller (you could possibly find one that is used).

There's a really good book you could look into. It's an old book, but still considered one of the classics -- it's simply called Stretching. Also, in your home you can get some simple weights and while you're watching Sam, you can do some weight exercies.

Yoga is relaxing and healing. I lost much weight doing it along with weight training. The yoga was a bit aerobic, not really the slow kind. Something that I didn't do, but I wish I had done more...crunches, Kegel exercises. Again, you can do them at home.

Just set aside 10-15 minutes a day...and work up.

My suggestions, Love, Anne

orangek8 said...

Liz, I think you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

Amy E. said...

Well, I think most mom's get the stretch marks. If not on the tummy, at least on the boobs, butt, and thighs. Personally, I got them all over. Four years later the only noticeable ones are on my stomach but they are not the bright purpley pink they were the first year. They do fade!

Weight loss wise, Dan and I went walking at least once everyday. I bought a "Mom and Baby" exercise tape and did that a lot. Many women just keep those extra 5-10lbs while nursing. And you are totally not the fat friend! But I think most of us felt that way the first few months, at least. Personally, I was most dismayed by my deflated belly. No one warned me that was coming and it took me a long time to get over it.

We think your gorgeous!