Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sam's First Fourth of July!

Sam celebrated his first fourth of July! Complete with staying up too late and watching the fireworks. Not quite sure what he thought of them....

I made another wacky cake though. This time with buttercream icing ('meh) and fondant stars. It was ok. Our friend Esteban said it was like a big soft oreo cookie ('cause it's chocolate cake) -- I think that's a good description.


And Sam's grandpa sent him a wagon for his birthday. What fun!

Things are going well. Sam is still working on those teeth. Stephanie (of No Pickles, Please!) is visiting and that's fun. Will try to get some better pics of her and the boy before she leaves!


Amy E. said...

That's a great wagon! He looks like he had a wonderful first fourth!

Stephanie said...

Your fireworks photos are superb! ;)