Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a little less conversation, a little more action

i'm feeling a little better, with special thanks to some conversations with a couple of friends who have been in similar frames of mind post grad school. i think i'm feeling better about not trying to discover some amazing path-to-success life plan, and just am feeling more content taking it step by step (ooh bab-eee, gonna get to you girrrrrl).

and what comes with this change of heart?? productivity!! amazing! i've started sewing my new version of plush nesting toys (mumlors). felt really good to put off doing the dishes and get making stuff. i will post pics soon.

other projects that still need tending to:

astro baby shirts ... i have done rough text for sun, moon, and rising sign and will get back to designs soon. i registered an etsy shop but nothing is there yet. i still need to make a logo.

i registered an etsy shop for the mumlors too. once i make more i'll get that shop going.

i'm doing some vector illustrations of the mumlors and olympians for my upcoming show in november.

fondant icing -- ok maybe not at all a "professional" ambition but i still want to try it out...

in SAM news:
i think it's time to start working on getting him out of our bed. i think i'll get the ferber sleep book from the library and give it a read. right now sam seems dependent on night time feeding, pacifier, AND cuddling to get to sleep. even if we're ok with that for a number of months to come, i feel the need for an exit strategy. gonna move the crib back into our room. we moved it out when sam was about four month's old per the doc's suggestion, but it sort of seems like that was what led to him always in our bed instead of sometimes in our bed. i think i will try positioning the crib like a co-sleeper thing, right next to the bed, so we can still be close, but then we can forego the absolutely ridiculous booby trapped pillow fort we install whenever he is sleeping in our bed (pillow walls with jingly/noisy toys on top so we can delay his actions and get to him before he crawls off the bed).

question for you moms out there: how did you stop night nursing? or did it eventually just come to an end? when did you wean? did you lead it or did you let your child decide?

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