Tuesday, November 4, 2008

quick thoughts

I have to leave for an interview in like five minutes, but I've been meaning to post. Here's what's new:

I'm going to this interview for an Archival Tech job at the office of the university architect. The interview is pointless. It won't pay better than the lib, the environment won't be as pleasurable, and I highly doubt they'll be flexible with hours. But oh well. Good practice anyway.

Some news about Sam's rear: The lump acted. Here's what I know: I switched to the TriViSol with Iron because that's what they recommended I just accidentally got the non-iron stuff before. So his poop has been strained, green, and now he poops after every feeding again -- weird. Anyway, the first real big iron-fortified poo was indeed big and strained. It made the lump near his bum a little purple and swollen. Then about five hours later he pooped again and it was open. Best comparison I can come up with is like a blister or a pimple. Hemmorhoid?? It still doesn't seem like that to me, but perhaps is my best guess. Anyway, he doesn't seem too bothered by it. We're doing our best to keep it real clean and it's healing up. No blood or anything. We see the doc on the 11th so we'll get her thoughts then, unless the situation changes. If she brushes it off again I suppose we'll see someone else. In the meantime, Sam has his first real case of diaper rash, and I don't know if it's due to new baby wipes or the new wacky poo. I didn't give him his vitamin yesterday.

Well I better run. More to write, so maybe I'll post later. It's election day! Last night felt like Christmas Eve. We're having a party at Meg's.

I'll tell you how the interview goes.

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AnneJ said...

Go Liz, go!

Crossed fingers!

Let us know.

THAT ONE is President! Wooooooo!