Wednesday, November 5, 2008

yes we can...

A note on how the interview went...It went well! Really well I think! I would be slightly surprised if they don't offer the job to me, but not THAT surprised because things have a way of not working out, ha ha. However, the job is decidedly less appealing than the archive job at the library, so I'm still holding out for that one. The pay is almost certain to be less (unless the lib severely disappoints), the classification is less (service vs admin/prof), no office, and the records are less interesting. But the work is interesting enough, and the people are nice enough. And it was just plain good to do an interview. My mouth was all dry when I went in there. Funny how nervous you get for this stuff when you just don't do it much. I think I dressed appropriately, but that was a big concern of mine too. I don't own a suit. I have never really had a suit-type job, nor applied for one. Yet all the etiquette I read is that one should nearly always wear a suit to an interview. You can definitely NOT wear a suit to a number of types of jobs, but it is almost always the safest bet to wear one. So I ordered a cheap JC Penney suit, ha ha. We'll see how it looks. Anyway, for this one I wore a nice sweater and pinstripe slacks and for a job that won't break 30,000/yr where the woman conducting the interview was wearing black nail polish (nothing wrong with black nail polish, I just live in a really conservative area, so I wouldn't expect it -- Meg said it was probably left over from Halloween) -- I think it was an ok choice. We'll see. I'm sure the decision will come down to whether I wore appropriate attire.

Alright, so some brief political notes...

YES we can because YES we did! It was so exciting to see and feel the interest in this election. I don't yet know the numbers for voter turnout, but I did hear that one little area in central Indiana had 75% turnout, whereas previously they usually would see about 35%. That's terrific.

I had started this blog post intending to go on and on about this election and the differences between republican ideology and democratic ideology (as I see it) but realize I have 100 other things to do and those who actually read this blog will not find themselves swayed one way or another by my writing anyway. Maybe once I finish some other tasks I will go ahead and indulge myself in this stuff. We'll see.

And I will post more Sam pics soon. We have some cute little video clips of him playing with stuffed animals and making sounds. He has started to make a new sound that is sorta like blowing raspberries I guess?? It's a "bbbbbbb" with lots of spit between pursed lips. It's super cute. His lump thing is healing and I'm looking forward to talking to the doc about it. I took him off the iron vitamin for a bit and it seems his diaper rash is clearing up -- but that could be different wipes we were using too (made the mistake of changing both at the same time). Anyway, the kid is doing great.

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