Thursday, November 20, 2008


So the past two days Sam has been Mr. Fussy, and that's not like him. He also started sucking in his bottom lip and chomping on everything. Could this be his first tooth?? He is only four months old, but that's not that abnormal I guess. I think lots of parents think the first tooth is coming when really it's still a long way off, so that might be the case here. BUT I think I see a little white spot on his gums -- could this be the tooth (hard to see because fussy baby does not want Mom pulling at his lips)?? Also, he totally is enjoying chomping on cold washcloths and cold teething toys and was screaming bloody murder at bed time tonight. So exciting. I hope this is a tooth coming in! Can't wait to see a goofy little tooth in there.

Oh, and still no call about the appointment with the surgeon, so I'll call them next week and see what's up. The lump is doing what it does -- fills with stuff, then it empties, and so on.

And bonus -- I can fit into all my pre-pregnancy jeans. Yipee!


Amy E. said...

Congrats on the pre-preg. jeans! Elise teethed for about a month or two before she got her first one. But she had almost a full set by the end of her first year! Then I understood what all the crying was about :)

AnneJ said...

Yay to fittin' jeans. Way to go, Liz. Hey, that wasn't that long...

Sam looks like he is holding back a smile...I'm NOT going to show you that tooth mama!!