Friday, April 8, 2011

sick. again.

Sam is sick again! How does this happen?? We were very fortunate to avoid illness nearly completely during his first two years of life so I guess we are just getting our share now. Parenting a sick kid? Hard stuff. This time he has a lot of mucus that has resulted in a nasty cough and stuffy/runny nose. He refuses to try to blow his nose or cough up/spit the mucus out, so he's miserable. He's running a low fever. He's tired. Days are spent on the couch watching movies. We opted not to go to the doc today so I sure hope it doesn't get worse and land us in urgent care or ER or whatever since it's the weekend.

Just a couple of days and I can say I'm to term. 37 weeks. Officially an ok go time. I told myself I was not going to count down the weeks and days, but whatever, I am anyway. I plan to work two more weeks and then start my maternity leave. I'm looking forward to that. I feel like I've fumbled my way through work all semester. Total insecurities about my performance at work. Feel like I haven't met goals, things are all over the place. I am really anxious to reorganize and get in control. In reality, I don't think anything is nearly as far gone as I thought and that I'm just consistently faced with the fact that the job requires more than the allotted hours. Because of the pregnancy and it being Aaron's last semester, I think that I'm operating a bit slower and I'm not able to put in the extra effort and time that I have the previous two semesters. And it shows. I don't know if it shows to everyone. I'm sure it shows to some. Anyway it just doesn't feel good. Oh well, I can't be a superwoman I guess.

I'm excited for the baby to come. I want to meet him. I want to hold him. I want to even go through the birth. I know it will be hard and healing will be hard and there may be unexpected negative aspects to the whole thing, but the truth is, I look back at giving birth to Sam and it is a positive, warm, happy memory. Not a grueling, painful, struggle. This is the magic that kids have, I guess. And we toured the new hospital this week. It's very nice and new and comfortable.

Sam has been dozing on the couch. Woke up coughing a few minutes ago. He just turned down ice cream. I guess things are in sad shape. (And the bowl of ice cream is sitting on my belly. I officially have a pregnant belly that operates like a table or shelf. awesome.)

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carol said...

Love you, Liz. Feel like I'm there listening to you talk. This winter went quickly, I'm glad you are looking forward to giving birth. Guess it's gonna happen anyway :-). Hope Sam is better.