Monday, March 1, 2010

updates and such

I am settling into my semester. I have actual down time now. So nice. I have been reading novels. How cool is that -- I have *some* time to read novels. Well I probably should be doing chores or something productive, but reading is good. Anyway, I haven't grabbed many good ones from the library, so recommendations are welcome!

So what's new in our world?
Not a whole lot...

Going to Arizona in two weeks to visit Tain and Ingrid!! So excited for that. This will be Sam's first time on a plane, so suggestions on how to take a toddler on a plane (we did not get him his own seat), are welcome. I'm not too worried. I know there is a good chance I'll get stressed out, and that Sam will feel weird and cry and feel antsy and annoy people. But Sam likes new environments and usually his first take on a new experience is to be rather reserved and quiet, so here's hoping.

Sam remains as fun as ever. He is growing into a little boy. So fun to see. His sleep has improved incredibly over the past month. Last week there was a night where he slept 10 hours in his crib. 10 hours!! This is not yet the regular, but it does show that it's coming. Our routines have been fluctuating a bit though. Sometimes he does one big nap in the afternoon. Lately he stays up too late, has a morning nap, and a late afternoon nap, which is a little weird. But then we've had the good night sleep so maybe it's the preferable schedule. Today was like that, with the shorter early nap, but then we missed the second nap so he got to bed "early" which really was like normal bed time (8:30). We'll see how long he sleeps. There are too many factors to be able to really tell what makes some nights good sleep nights and other nights not. But even now when he wakes (without going back to sleep on his own) we bring him to our bed and he goes right to sleep. If he wakes while sleeping with us, he usually tosses and turns for a moment then gets right back to sleep. So this means after 20 months, I'm getting fairly normal sleep again! I would say Aaron is too, but he's in grad school, so he takes sleeping time as work time.

I'm really liking my job. It was weird to not think about it or go work over the weekend. But that's good. I need to get used to that. It means that my job won't be so demanding now, which is great. And I think I've really been able to keep my work *pretty much* to 20 hrs/wk, not too much more. Now that I'm settling in maybe I'll get a chance to improve some overall procedure things. That would be great.

I have been so uninterested in food lately. I think we eat cereal and pizza, some soup, some pasta. And that's like it. I've been trying to go vegetarian again, and I'm far too lazy (overworked?? ...excuses excuses) to prepare healthy filling vegetarian fare, so we end up with grains grains and more grains. And processed ones too. And cheese. Too much cheese. Or we just go out. Which is happening too frequently. And I go to the grocery store like three times a week because when I go I'm just going to get whatever necessity we ran out of and I'm not planning ahead. Of course I also just to get Sam and I out of the house, since most days are still too cold to play outside. But that's a different topic...SO I made a schedule. A Monday night is soup-night kind of schedule. A little silly. We'll see if it works, but so far so good. I was able to keep my groceries $20 less than my allotted budget and I think I have plenty of food for the week. I'm also going to try to start documenting my meals on my blog in attempt to get somewhat interested in cooking and eating food. That's not really fair, 'cause I always like eating food, and sometimes I like cooking it, but this winter has zapped a lot of enthusiasm for everything.

Anyway, tonight, being Monday, was soup night. And I made french onion soup for the first time ever. It was ok. Chopping all those onions was not my favorite. I did a recipe where you have to cook the onions in the oven first, then move to the stove, and I don't have a dutch oven. So I cooked them in some corningware and then transferred them to a hot pot on the stove. But my pot was too hot. When I poured the onions in I filled the room with smoke. I had to open the doors and take the pot out to the porch too cool and air out so that I wouldnt' set off the fire alarm. When it had calmed down and I brought it back into the kitchen, Sam delivered a very well-timed "uh-oh". He's so funny. So then after tasting the soup I thought it was really lackluster. But after getting it back into the oven with some cheese (parmesan since I didn't have guyere) and croutons, it turned out pretty darn good. I did add some more butter though. Because it needed that richness. Anyway, here are some pics.

Cute Sam
Today was library day. So fun. Sam is the star. Or the class clown. Or something. But I am looking at it through a mother's eyes, so you never can tell the truth. But he stands front and center and responds to the "teacher" and makes sounds and laughs and claps and shrieks and all the parents laugh at his cuteness. And he's getting so much more comfortable with other kids. He hands them toys and pats their back and waves hello. He did tease one little girl by offering a toy and then refusing to actually give it to her. He does this with dog treats for the dogs every once in a while too. Not sure what he's thinking. Most times he just gives it to them. He also showed his super sensitive side -- when a little girl was crying he was very worried and concerned. Sam when a boy he knew tripped and fell kind of hard; the boy didn't cry but Sam was definitely concerned. And when that boy would stray from his mama, he would see him across the room, look to his mom and then point at the boy. He didn't want her to lose him, I guess. Haha.

Another cute thing I don't think I've ever written about -- Sam tells stories. Maybe I did mention this the first time he did it. If he falls, or trips, or bangs something, he always tells us what happened. he says "ooowww" and scrunches up his face, touching the part that hurts. When we come over and ask if he's ok/what happened, he points to the bumped spot and then to whatever hit him, or reenacts it depending on the event. It's cute and funny.

Ok, that's enough posting about how I think my son is cute.

*sorry for the lack of photos. I tried to upload them but comcast is being awful. stupid comcast.

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