Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Get Too Comfy

Things have been good with Sam. Really good. He can do so many things. Like jump. He can jump!! Like lift both feet off the ground jump! But not very high of course. We went to the library read group today and he had so much fun. He was front and center for so much of it. A huge shift from the first visit, where he was very timid and reserved -- and this is only our third time. He likes the teacher and wants to see all the books, play with all the sound makers. He wants to tell her when to change the music or turn the music on or put things away. He is nice with other kids. Sometimes he tries to take other kids' toys of course, but he also likes to give toys to the kids. It's so fun to watch him in the group. Oh, and one of the books today had lots of animals and noises and Sam made all the noises! He rarely will make a cat noise for us, but in group -- it comes out with ease! I think he has a whole bag of tricks that he chooses not to bring out for Mom and Dad.

And he sleeps! Multiple times a week he sleeps for like 6 or more hours in his own bed!! Of course, the other nights he may only sleep like four hours in his crib. But not too long ago he was waking after just one hour. We haven't done things differently. He's just getting older. I think pain from teeth may have been a factor too.

We have very few tantrums and meltdowns. Usually we can expect them when they occur and are prepared to subside them with shifting attention.

Today, I was really thinking about all this, and commenting on it. That he sleeps now. I could feel comfortable going out at night with a friend, or going over to Meg's to watch a movie...stuff like that. Stuff I didn't always feel comfortable doing because I didn't know how hard it would be to get Sam to sleep, and I didn't want to burden Aaron with all of it. Now we have our night time routine which is simply pajamas and story time, and we put him to bed awake in his crib and he goes to sleep. And tonight after bath time we were having a good time playing and getting dry, lotioned, and dressed and I was thinking about how so much of our time together is just fun time now. And then BOOM. Total melt down. He was tired. It was just a run-of-the-mill tantrum really, about a wall decal sticker that he just wanted to keep moving and placing and moving again (I had to say that we'd moved the sticker enough and it was going to stay right there, and he was not pleased). But it just goes to show me, I should never tempt the fates.

He also cried going to sleep. I was prepared to let him cry for a bit, then go get him and cuddle while watching a cartoon or something, but he went right to sleep after just a few tired tears.

He's growing up so fast!

(Oh, and you can tell I'm settling into my new routine and have actual DOWN TIME hence the increase in blog entries. Yipee)

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