Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sleep Nights 1 and 2.

Ok, so last night getting him to sleep was ok.

A little before 7:00 pm it seemed like bedtime was approaching so I applied his moisturizers and put him in his pjs. We nursed. He was still awake, so we tried reading in the rocker. Reading was far to stimulating, so I gave that up and opted to sing and rock. That didn't really work either. Some significant time had passed so I tried nursing again, and that got him drowsy. I put him down to sleep. He cried briefly then fell asleep. Wow! This might work! I thought. About an hour or so later he awoke screaming. I was unable to get him back to sleep. By that point Aaron and I had sat down to watch a movie, so Sam joined us. He fell asleep in my arms and we took him to bed when we went to bed.


Well it will take some time to figure this out.

Tonight we started earlier, and it was about time for a bath so we did bath, then lotion, pjs, nurse. Was a bit of a struggle, but he went down to sleep without too much fuss. Sure enough, an hour later he woke very unhappy. I tried to calm him and get him back to sleep. No luck. I brought him out to the living room with me. Still wasn't doing it. I turned on the lullabies, went to his very dark room and rocked him. Slowly he dozed off, and as I realized I was about to fall asleep too, I moved him to his crib. Screaming and crying ensued. I decided to try to let him cry a bit. And that brings us to now. He stopped crying, but now I hear a soft "mamamama" unhappy cry. I guess I will go in if it persists or escalates. This is tough stuff. But it takes several days to get a routine. I guess I could try to wait until he falls into a deep sleep before I put him down? Just to get him used to sleeping earlier? Then try putting him down awake?

I don't really have a routine yet because we are still experimenting. I guess this only night two. The screams are escalating. I guess I will go try rocking again.

sigh. exhausting.

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Stephen said...

I think why you hear so little from other parents that is either consistent or assured, is that most parents get through it but never know how. With each child there's a whole new set of rules. The comforting thought is that they got through it and it ends sometime.