Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Updates

It's cold. It has been cold. There is snow. There is ice. It's too cold. But I definitely prefer cold with snow to cold without. At least it's pretty and feels like Christmas.

We have a Christmas tree! I think our first in five years. We just picked it up at the grocery store. I hope it lasts until Christmas! It is full of weird and charming (to us, anyway) ornaments, primarily made by friends and family. I am sitting writing this post by the glow of the lights. We've been watching Christmas movies and listening to the Erlewine Christmas Tape (now as mp3s, of course). I have to say that one awesome thing about kids is holidays. They become really fun again. Sam is starting to understand all of these things, and it is so fun to share traditions and excitement with him. I'm having a hard time deciding what gift to get him though. I've purchased a lot of small odds and ends and want to have some presents under the tree before Christmas, but then some for the magic of Christmas morning too. But I also don't want to go overboard. It's too much money, too much commercialism, too much consumerism, and my two year old would be happy with so many simple things. Plus, I know his extended family will also shower him with goodies. It is interesting to figure out how we are going to "do Christmas," mixing different family traditions -- trying to relive those of our own past, yet forge our own new ones. Do we tell him all about Santa? Do we really try to make him believe all the stories? I guess we'll see.

In other news, the semester is winding to a close. I don't have a real break like those academic appointments do, but still, half time work, flexible hours, and decrease in faculty/activity around campus will feel like a break. And I could use one. I never thought about my job as being particularly physical, but in the last month or so it has become increasingly apparent that there are aspects of my job that I cannot (or SHOULD not, which may be more accurate) perform. It is not uncommon for me to haul stuff around, do lifting, climb ladders, paint walls, and all sorts of not-recommended-for-pregnant-ladies activities. It has been really hard to not be "able" to do them, particularly when I feel like I am perfectly able. Quite frankly, this may be the aspect of pregnancy I like the least. Feeling incapable, or like that fragile little lady in "delicate condition". The human body is strong; the female body is designed to protect this womb in amazing ways. Pregnant women are now encouraged to exercise and do all sorts of things. At the same time, I guess ladders and heavy lifting are still no-nos. Sigh. Anyway, next semester should be ok though. I've managed to get myself a grad assistant for the term. It won't be renewable (because of funding) but at least I'll have someone to help me with all that stuff, as well as the tasks I never seem to be able to do in just 20 hrs/week. Also, if baby comes early (or even on time), there will be someone there to oversee things while I'm off.

In Sam development news, all is going great. He's a kid now. He's talking more and more every week. He still can be a bit hard to decipher. Sentences are still primarily 2-4 words long, but he may have done 5 or more words now. He is getting really into singing. Often gets the words at the end of a phrase and speak-sings more than sings. Some of his favorites are "Charlie Brown" and "Barbara Ann," "Happy Birthday,"... He likes "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" and "Frosty the Snowman" too. He is a really funny kid and most of all really nice and sweet. I'm so proud of him and who he is. I am always unsure as to what impact a parent really has on who their child is. I think we really just lucked out with this guy, but if I can take credit for it, I will. He's just a really neat kid. Today we had a nice day that again started with too much TV (he's into the cartoon Josie & the Pussycats -- "pussycat! pussycat! watch that!") but then we had a playdate, went to Walmart (complete with toddler meltdown -- I felt right at home in the socially questionable Walmart), lunch, nap. After nap Sam made lasagna with me, he did a huge poop in his pants (he is struggling with doing #2 on the potty), had dinner, took a bath, then had hot cocoa and watched some of a movie with me. Good day.

I have some work to do but don't feel like it. But I should probably get to it since it's 11 pm. Tomorrow is our office holiday party. Hope that's ok and not too awkward. I have to set up and clean up because there are only four of us in the office right now, including the head of the school, so...

Some snow pics of Sam:

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