Friday, March 4, 2011

tired and stuff like that

Aaron passed his defense yesterday! Super early in the semester so it's kind of weird, but still, very cool to have that taken care of. He still needs to finish his paper, his video screening is tonight, and he still has coursework and classes he's teaching, but this will be a big weight off his (and our) shoulders. Yay Aaron! Congratulations!

That has made for an exhausting week, coupled with our computer dying right at the crucial moments of him finalizing some video stuff. Ugh. This meant multiple sleepless nights, but we did the impulsive run to Best Buy and just bought the computer they suggested. So far, no complaints, but it may have been a bit hasty. Still, in doing so, Aaron recovered his files (hard drive in old computer was ok and we got everything back) and he's back on track. With all of that going on, work remains a bit demanding, and I've had new pregnancy symptoms. Light-headedness.

Ok, so at my last midwife appt I met with the new midwife. I like her fine, though I like my regular midwife more, but either one could be on call when the big day comes, so I want to get to know both of them. Anyway, she mentioned that they found sugar and ketones in my urine from the previous visit, but I hadn't had an opportunity to eat really well that day and it was the day of my glucose test and I think I left the sample after taking the glucose stuff. But my bloodwork all came back great. Then I told her how I had this varicose vein. Then she decided to tell me about all the warning signs of pre-eclampsia. At the time I wasn't concerned. Didn't think much of it. My urine from that day's visit was fine. But after I left, I started replaying everything she said, and I started to feel like she was hinting that maybe I was showing early signs of just possibly having pre-eclampsia. Late night google searching got me paranoid.
So then this week I've been feeling faint. Having dizzy spells. Well I guess really just being light-headed. I really didn't have that with my first pregnancy. It just seemed to be continuing. Throughout the day and at random times. So, after having one of these spells, I decided to call the nurse. She said to go home from work, lie on my side, drink lots of fluids and see the midwife ASAP. Eeeek! Maybe there WAS something wrong! I finally was able to leave work, finally went to the midwife, and all was fine. Sheesh. I still feel light headed though so I guess it's just one more joy of being pregnant.

So I'm ok, Aaron is ok, and we're starting to get our house back to normal. If anyone were to stop by right now you'd see the evidence of our crazy week(s), that's for sure.

In closing, some cute Sam stuff:
Sam talks in his sleep sometimes. I was sleeping with him in his bed and I heard him saying "ok, baby brother, dip your chicken in the chew chew chew chew" -- or something like that! He was dreaming that he was teaching his brother how to eat! Oh man, and then he said something else to his baby brother, but I forget what...he was teaching him something else. Darn. I should have written it down right away. OH! he said "play with me, baby brother! play with me!" So Sam is looking forward to his new partner in crime.

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