Monday, August 24, 2009


So it seems we've hit a breakthrough! Sam has figured out that he can hold this little soccerball to help give him psychological comfort and a better balancing stance and he can walk!! Without holding on to Mom and Dad! Without holding on to furniture!

See evidence here:

PLUS yesterday after battling and wasting time trying to get Sam to sleep, Aaron and I decided to give the crib another go. Some serious tears, and we had to wait by the crib for him to fall asleep, but he actually slept there! TODAY he has gone down for BOTH NAPS without a fuss. Who is this guy???

Our little man is growing up so fast.

Oh, and he sometimes even eats with a spoon! I mean, he holds the spoon and feeds himself!

See evidence here:

Before I could get to posting this, Sam woke/cried/did not really fall asleep on his own. Now it's bedtime and he's trying to get to sleep on his own again. He's quiet. We'll see what happens in the next 10 or 20 minutes :)

Also, after initial writing, he walked on his own with out the crutch of the ball. It happens so fast!! It's so amazing. It's funny how this one milestone really seems to make you feel like your baby is now a toddler.

Now I'll try posting a video but for some reason the blogger video things never work for me...


Barb said...

Go Sam!!!

Amy E. said...

That's awesome! He looks so happy.

Stephanie said...

So exciting!!!!!! :) And I swear, he's still getting EVEN cuter. :)